Kailua Beach

If you are looking for a white sand beach with clear blue waters Kailua Beach is the one. This was one of my favorite beaches we visited in Oahu. Kailua Beach overlooks the beautiful Kaneohe Bay and the Mokulua Islands.  This beach has the perfect waves, they are not too strong, so suitable for everyone. It was a blast swimming in the waves. We went right before nightfall and it was very windy and a bit cool, but the water was surprisingly warm and once I got in, I didn’t want to get out. The beach does have free parking and restroom facilities as well.

We saw so many people with dogs on the beach. The cutie in the photos below ran right up to us with her tennis ball. She was so friendly and wanted someone to play with. Everyone knows I love cats, but this trip really made me want to get a small dog. I was thinking about how blessed the people on this island are to be living somewhere where  it is warm year round and they can enjoy this beautiful beach.

The swimsuit I wore is from asos. If you have not checked this website out I highly recommend it. They offer free returns which is very convenient when you are purchasing clothing online. I love the detail on the swimsuit and it was very comfortable which was a plus. This swimsuit is no longer available on asos, but I did find it on river island.com so I will have the exact links posted below. Thanks for reading !



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