High Waisted Swimsuits

Is anyone else really excited about the return of the high waisted swimsuit? They just feel so retro and classic. It takes me back to the 1950’s when this trend was first brought to life. The swimsuit is great on all body types and really acentuates your hips and shows off those beautiful feminine curves. If you love high waisted jeans or shorts its time to add a high waisted swimsuit to your collection.

I have to be honest I was very nervous about trying this trend out because people have commented that it looks like you are wearing a diaper or granny panties. Keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not everyone will always like what you are wearing. As long as you feel confident in it and you love it, then you should go for it. Don’t let other peoples opinions hold you back. While I was in Oahu I didn’t see anyone else wearing a high waisted swimsuit, and that just made me want to wear it even more.

The swimsuit pictured below is so feminine with the beautiful floral detail and pink color. I love the bottoms because they have a fun criss cross cut out detail to them. The top comes in exact bra sizes so you can find the perfect fit. The cups are padded and the straps adjustable. The headband really ties the whole retro look together. It’s like the finishing touch to the look.

The brand is Peek & Beau and can be purchased on asos. I will have the exact link posted below. If you need another reason to try this trend out, keep in mind you don’t have to worry about your bottoms coming off in the water they will stay on. If you are wondering which beach the pictures were taken on it is at Kailua Beach. My very first post was on this beach. I loved this beach so much I visited it a second time.
Thanks for reading!



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