Ko Olina Lagoons

When you hear the word man-made it probably doesn’t sound too appealing. It makes me think of something artificial or synthetic. The Ko Olina Lagoons in Oahu are man-made, but there is definitely nothing artificial or synthetic about them. We visited this place twice while vacationing because of how beautiful it is. It provides for a safe swimming area protected from the open sea.

There are a total of 4 lagoons. The directions lead us to the fourth one and I highly recommend this one as it has the largest parking lot. Parking is free, but does fill up quickly so it’s a good idea to get there early. The lagoons were located behind several beautiful resorts. This is one of the nicest areas of Oahu to stay at. We saw beautiful golf courses and some great restaurants. There was so much to do in this area. I would definitely love to stay in this area next time I visit Oahu.

I would highly recommend catching the sunset here. All of the sunsets in Oahu are beautiful, but the one here really captured my heart. I’m not sure if it was the vibe or the beauty of the surroundings, but watching the sunset that night was pure magic. We saw people taking their senior pictures here and we even saw a wedding party. It is definitely a perfect place for capturing those beautiful moments.

The swimsuit I am wearing is one of my favorites. I love the floral pattern and the light feminine colors on it. The suit has the perfect pastel colors to it. The ruffles on the top and bottom are my favorite detail . I love how they did two different base colors for the top. The brand is MINKPINK and I will have the exact swimsuit linked below . Thanks for reading!





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