Makua Beach

If you want to get away from all the crowds this secluded beach in Wai’anae is perfect for you. You will definitely need a car to get to this beach as it is far from all the main attractions in Oahu. You will have a view of the beautiful Waianae mountains in the background. If you aren’t a strong swimmer I would not recommend swimming here as the current can be very strong and the waves very large. An interesting fact about this beach is that the U.S. military trains in the valley behind the beach. For those who aren’t very strong swimmers this beach has tide pools you can lay in and relax which is exactly what I ended up doing.

I always have a fear of not packing enough when going on vacation. I managed to overpack everything with the exception of contact lenses. I don’t know how I managed to do that or what I was counting when I packed. I ended up having to wear my glasses during this day. I would pop them off for each picture and then put them right back on as I am blind as a bat. I could barely see the camera let alone my surroundings, but I smiled and striked a pose and hoped for the best and I think the pictures turned out great.

My swim suit is from asos and it’s the brand Body Glove. I love stripes I think they are a trend that’s always in. The back of the swimsuit is my favorite. It has a cool criss cross pattern and you can tie the strings in the back to adjust the suit to your liking. I like the sporty design of the swimsuit and how comfortable it is. I will have the link to the suit posted below. Thanks for reading.




One thought on “Makua Beach

  1. Great pics! The ones you’re in with the mountains in the back round are very nice! Where your in the ocean you look like a beautiful mermaid without her fins coming to shore! Beatiful pics!


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