Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo Beach would have to be my favorite beach in Oahu. I expected this beach to be packed, but there were hardly any people there. It’s definitely a hidden gem on the island. The scenery is breathtaking from the mountains to the island off in the distance. The waves are the perfect size. You can actually get in the water and enjoy them. We stumbled upon this beach on our last day in Oahu. I wish we would have known about it sooner because I would have loved to spend more time there.

The island you see in the pictures is known as Manana Island, but it’s most frequently referred to as Rabbit Island. The island is a volcanic crater. The reason it was nicknamed Rabbit Island is because its shape resembles a rabbit’s head and at one point rabbits actually inhabited the island. The rabbits were removed because they were destroying the ecosystem. Today the island is a sanctuary for seabirds to breed. Keep in mind this island is protected by the government. If you are planning on kayaking here you will need permission from the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

My swimsuit coverup is no longer available, but I will have a similar one listed below. I love that it’s sheer and you can see the swimsuit through it. My favorite parts are the different colored pom-pomps on the back and the beautiful crochet detail. I think this is such a unique coverup. The swimsuit is my favorite swimsuit I took to Oahu. I love the floral pattern on it and the sheer panels. It is also very comfortable which is always a big plus. The sunglasses are from Target. They are my favorite pair of sunglasses. I actually decided to take them into the water which was a bad idea. A wave came by and swept them away. I was so bummed out, but miraculously we were able to retrieve them. I think about that all the time, how lucky I was to get them back. I will have the exact swimsuit and sunglasses linked below. Thank you for reading!





One thought on “Waimanalo Beach

  1. Great poses! You’re beautiful, and wow that swimsuit wares you well! It looks great with you in it! Keep posting Tanja you’re doing a great job!


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