The last time I was in Madison was for a tennis tournament when I was in college. It was great to be back visiting. Madison is just such a cool city. There is so much to do there, especially in the summertime and in the downtown area. I couldn’t believe how many people were out jogging and biking, it’s a very active city. Many people got around the city on their mopeds.

One of my favorite things to do when visiting somewhere is to eat at a really nice restaurant. We decided on Sardines for the evening. Sardines is a French bistro and bar that sits right by Lake Monona. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. There was a wait for the outdoor seating as expected. It worked out perfectly as we were able to snap some pictures by the lake while we waited for our table. This is a more upscale restaurant and definitely on the pricier side, but the food and scenery are totally worth it.

We both started out with an appetizer. I choose their soup of the day which was a spinach and potato soup and it was delicious. For our main course we both ordered the salmon. The salmon was cooked perfectly with the vegetables. For dessert we chose the butterscotch pot the cream and it was like a piece of creamy goodness in a cup. My friend also ordered a drink for herself and I noticed that they did not card her. Come to find out they haven’t carded her once since her stay there. I get carded when I go see an R rated movie sometimes! I was pretty shocked at how laid back the people are and how different the culture is from where I live.

After dinner we decided to go for a walk downtown. Boy did I choose to wear the wrong shoes. I had forgotten just how long the walk would be so I ended up with blisters on my feet that night. Save yourself the pain and wear comfortable shoes. We wanted to get some dessert so we stopped at Kilwins and got a Turtle apple. This was an apple covered in caramel, pecans, and chocolate and it was so delicious. They also sell amazing fudge and ice cream. Next we went to the capitol building which is always lit up at night and enjoyed the beauty of it. Then we had to make the dreaded walk back to our car. I was so grateful when we made it to that car and I got to take those shoes off.

My outfit is from Windsor. The top is a jumpsuit with a beautiful floral design on it. The material it’s made of is so soft to the touch. The only downside to this shirt was that it’s very low-cut, but I easily fixed that problem by pairing it with a white lace bralette underneath. The necklace is from charming charlies.  The necklace consists of two neutral colors so it goes with so many different outfits. I love the color of the skirt, the buttons in the front, and the slit in the front is so flattering for showing off those summer legs. I will have the exact top and necklace linked below and a similar skirt. Thank you for reading.




IMG_2456 copyIMG_2461IMG_2463 copyIMG_2464 copyIMG_2466 copy-001IMG_2468 copyIMG_2469 copy-001IMG_2471 copy-001IMG_2472 copy-001IMG_2473 copyIMG_2486-001IMG_2493 copy-001IMG_2495 copy-001

One thought on “Sardines

  1. Wow! This might be my favorite outfit you’ve posted. You look so mature, and straight out of a high end fashion catalogue! What great fashion sense you have! Looks like a good restaurant pick! The food looks delicious!


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