Wisconsin State Capitol

What better time to visit the state capitol then for its 100th anniversary. Going to the capitol building is such a treat. The architecture is beautiful, and it’s definitely the heart of Madison.  It’s air conditioned inside which was a very nice break for us, because it was a hot and humid day out. If you are interested in learning about the history behind the capitol building, there are guided tours that are free to the public. I have been to the capitol in Illinois and there was security screening in order to enter the building. At the Wisconsin capitol there was security on site, but no screening.  You can come and go through the building as you please.

We went to the capitol on a Wednesday and we noticed that people were laying down blankets and leaving them all around the lawn of the capitol building. We were really curious as to what was going on so we stopped at an information desk and found out that every Wednesday night in the summer they have concerts. People will come hours before the concert to reserve their spots. There was also a farmers market that runs during the concert with tons of different food vendors.

We wanted to grab some lunch near the capitol building . We decided on Graze. This restaurant has different menus for different times of the day. I realized that this was true for other restaurants in the area. Also, some restaurants only open for a few hours for dinner time. If you are going out to eat call the restaurant and make sure they are open and that they have a full menu. Since Graze had such a limited menu, we just ordered an appetizer. We went for the cheese curds. Just thinking about them is making my mouth water. They were vodka battered with a ranch style dip and they were amazing. Wisconsin definitely knows what they are doing when it comes to cheese. Graze has indoor and outdoor seating and a gorgeous view of the capitol building. They refer to it as a farm-to-table style restaurant and I love that they support local farmers. We were still hungry so we went to an Irish inspired restaurant named Brocach. Their clam chowder soup was so delicious I ordered two serving of it! I would love to return to Graze during their dinner menu to try more items. If you guys are visiting I highly recommend both. Thank you for reading.



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