Ishnala Supper Club

If you are visiting Wisconsin Dells I highly recommend checking out Ishnala Country Club. Getting there can be a bit tricky. We used the GPS on my phone and it led us on a wild goose chase. We ended up calling the restaurant and one of the employees gave us directions. Once you reach a certain point there will be signs so make sure to follow them. When we arrived we realized that the restaurant was in the middle of Mirror Lake State Park. I have never seen a restaurant that was in the middle of a forest surrounded by a lake, it was truly magical.

There was a long wait for dinner so I recommend getting there at 4pm when they open for the evening, so that you can snag a table. It worked out great for us because it gave us time to explore the ground and snap some pictures. There was an outdoor deck where you could sit and enjoy drinks and appetizers. There were some nice benches right by the edge of the lake where you could sit and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding. It was such a peaceful place. Usually I get impatient if there is a long wait for dinner as I am one of those people who gets a little hangry, but I didn’t mind waiting here.

All the tables have a beautiful view of the lake. The sun was setting while we were eating dinner so that was a big plus. The inside of the restaurant reminded me of a log cabin. There is something so cozy and inviting about it. I ordered the lobster which came with a side of cheesy potatoes and it was delicious. For dessert we had a vanilla and caramel cake which was also delicious. This restaurant is one of the priciest I have eaten at. If you are on a budget I would still recommend checking out this restaurant as you can stop in for drinks or appetizers and still enjoy the beautiful grounds. Thank you for reading!




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