Observation Deck

I already did a post about the Wisconsin Capitol building, but I wanted to write a separate post on the observation deck.  As you guys may know you are free to roam the capitol building as you please. The day we went to the capitol, we missed the hours the observation deck was open so we went back a different day and almost missed it that day too. How did this happen you might ask? My bestie and I are very slow when it comes to getting things moving in the morning and getting ready, and we are known for being late to everything! I’ll take that last part back, we are late to everything but work. It’s funny how when you have to be somewhere on time you will be. Part of the reason we almost missed the open hours the second time was that there are multiple entrances to get to the deck and some were closed, so we were on a mad hunt to find the one that was open. Let me tell you, the hallways all looked exactly the same there! It is very easy to get lost so just ask someone who works there for help and save yourself the hassle. The view at the top is breathtaking! I am scared of heights, but I was pleasantly calm on the deck taking the beauty of the city in. You have a view of all the beautiful architecture and of course the gorgeous lake.

Looking back at these pictures makes me sad because summer is over. Yesterday was probably the last really nice day we are going to have until spring. I feel like winter lingers on and on and summer goes by in a flash. My red romper is from H&M and it sold out very quickly. I was so happy to have found a dress version of this romper in the same exact color and print. It’s available on a website called Princess Polly.  I love the color red, I think it’s so eye-catching and I think you guys are going to love this piece. I will link the dress below for you guys! Thanks for reading!



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