Ko Olina Ocean Adventures

One of my favorite things I was able to experience in Hawaii was snorkeling. I’m not talking about getting in the water by the shore and snorkeling, but rather going out on the boat and getting dropped in the middle of the ocean! It was such a surreal experience. The morning of the tour we were running late and the moment we found a parking spot, I ran as fast as I could to check in and they laughed saying they would have wanted for us, phew! It was a small group of twenty people or so. They provided all of the necessary equipment such as a mask, snorkel, and flippers. I recommend bringing snacks and using the restroom beforehand as there is not one on the boat. They made everyone put on a life jacket, which we were able to remove later once in the water. The speedboat is just that, speedy! If you have a sensitive stomach and get queasy easily I reccomend taking some medication before getting on. I was pretty nauseated, thankfully I didn’t vomit. The workers on the boat were so much fun and they made the experience a great one!

The first time jumping out was pretty scary and the water was so cold! Think about it, you’re in the middle of the ocean and someone tells you to jump in, it’s kind of terrifying, but such a rush at the same time. They gave each of us a handful of food and we were able to feed the beautiful fish. It was so cool to see the way they swam up to us. After we fed the fish they took us to a spot that was known for having turtles. Not only did I see one turtle, but I saw two! I swam side by side with the turtle and I was just in awe at the beauty of these creatures. Speaking of turtles, it was my patient’s birthday this week and she really likes turtles. I went down to the gift shop and bought what I thought was a turtle. One of my coworkers saw it and said that’s a frog! I never laughed so hard in my life. We ended up saying that it was a turtle that came out of its shell. After swimming with the turtles, the last thing we did was try to find some dolphins and this proved to be very difficult as they were afraid of the boat. We were able to see them, but not swim with them or really get any good pictures of them. After we made it back I was exhausted! They served us lunch after the ride which was great as I had definitely worked up an appetite. Overall, this was such an amazing experience and I highly reccomend it if you guys are visiting Hawaii! Thanks for reading.





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