Valentine’s Day 2018

Remember being a kid in Elementary School on Valentine’s Day? I loved receiving all the sweet cards from my classmates. The teacher always had fun activities and candy for everyone. They were such simple, but sweet gestures that I remember and cherish to this day. To me Valentine’s Day is about love. This can be love for your children, significant other, friends, parents, pets, etc. One of my best friends posted an Instagram story of her and her daughter doing arts and crafts and that’s what it’s really all about. It’s not about fancy dinners or jewelry, but rather spending time with the ones you love, and making new memories.

I have always wanted to do a photo shoot on Valentine’s Day with roses. I wanted to do something a little different from the traditional pinks and reds of Valentine’s Day, so I went with white roses and a beautiful white lace detail top. Thankfully it was about thirty degrees and sunny outside so I could bear the weather to snap some pictures. Statement sleeves are one of the biggest fashion trends this year. This top is so sweet and romantic, but the sleeves are what really drew me to this top, they are a real showstopper. I even managed to get a few good shots in with my cats which I assure you was not an easy task!

I stopped into one of my favorite local shops to pick up their limited edition chocolate covered strawberry lip balm and I am so happy I did. The minute I opened the balm it smelled just like chocolate covered strawberries. I was very temped to eat it. I also picked up a hazelnut candle which is currently burning while I’m writing this post and it smells amazing! If you can’t have coffee at least you can smell it right !?

If you are a single gal like me on Valentine’s Day there are so many things you can do! First of all treat yourself! You are hard-working and deserving of it. Pamper yourself by doing something as simple as taking a bath or getting a massage. Bake a new dessert. Have a movie marathon. Celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends by getting a bite to eat or having a game night. Try a new class at your gym. Or simply stay home in your jammies and enjoy some you time! Whatever your plans were this Valentine’s Day I hope you all had a wonderful day !





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