Clearwater Beach

Carla and I arrived in Florida at around one in the morning on a Tuesday and went straight to pick up our car from Enterprise. As we were driving off with the car, the man we checked in with comes running after us and tells us there is something wrong with the car, and that we will need to switch it out. This definitely freaked the both of us out a bit, but we were so tired at that point we just wanted to get to our airbnb. As we were leaving for the second time, the man operating the gate would not stop talking. I am usually a people person, but not at one in the morning. The guy was telling us that we needed to make Tinder accounts so that we could get recommendations from locals on what to do in the area, and once we had those recommendations we could deleted our accounts. No thank you! That’s why you stay at airbnb’s so you can get recommendations from your host. By the time we got to our airbnb, if was two in the morning! Thank goodness our host was awesome and worked with us on our late check in time.

We ended up sleeping in pretty late and went to brunch at a restaurant called First Watch. They are only open until 2:30pm, but their menu had an assortment of healthy and delicious options. If you end up going, their daily juices are a must, they were absolutely delicious. Parking in downtown Tampa can be a hassle as there didn’t seem to be free parking anywhere. After brunch we drove down to Clearwater Beach and once again parking was an issue. I think we ended up driving around for an hour until we settled and payed a pretty hefty parking fee. Finally we arrived to the beach and it was so worth it. Clearwater Beach is stunning! There was so much going on such as street performers, vendors, and volleyball games. The beach is definitely my happy place. I don’t know what it is about it, but it definitely cured my winter blues. As the sun began setting, we walked down the boardwalk for some beautiful views of the beach and sunset. The pelicans were my favorite, they definitely stole the show. Clearwater Beach is consistently rated as one of the top beaches in America, and I could see why, it was simply stunning.

By this time we were starving and struggling to decide where to eat. We stumbled upon a restaurant called Beachcomber. Once we went inside and got seated we realized that we didn’t get the memo on the dress code. Let’s just say we were in there with our swimsuits and coverups. I am shocked they even seated us, but a customer is a customer I suppose. Carla and I joked around that we were peasants, because everyone in the restaurant kept staring at us. It was really embarrassing at the time, but now when I think about it I can’t help but laugh. I ate the gluten free pasta and veggie plate and it was to die for! I had never had artichokes before and I loved them! I highly recommend the dish if you are eating here, but please dress formally as this is a fine dining institution.

My swimsuit is from asos as always and I will have the exact one linked below. It’s one of my favorite swimsuits because it is so unique, I love how it wraps around multiple times and has these gorgeous golden accent pieces in the back. I also really love burgundy, I think it’s a very flattering color. My other favorite part of the swimsuit are the split sleeves and the cheeky bottoms. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, stay tuned for more Florida posts to come!





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