St.Pete Beach

Out of the three beaches that we visited in Florida, I think that St. Pete would have to be my favorite for several reasons. First of all, finding parking in Florida can be very time-consuming and sometimes very expensive. The minute we pulled up to St. Pete Beach, we found a parking spot. The parking fee was very low, and it was right at the entrance of the beach. The second reason I loved this beach so much, was that it was the least crowded of the three. The third reason would be the dolphins! We sat at the shore and saw dolphins jumping in and out of the water. It was such a surreal experience.

It also happened to be Good Friday the day we went to the beach. There was a church group having their service right on the beach! How cool would it be to do church right by the ocean!? I am definitely jealous of all of you who live in Florida and get to enjoy the beautiful weather year round.

We were able to see the stunning Don Cesar Hotel from where we were sitting. When I was planning our trip to Florida, I had seen pictures of this hotel and wanted to visit it. We never actually put it on our itinerary, and I didn’t even know where it was located. It was so crazy to me that we stumbled upon it, without even having planned it! The place is seriously breath-taking! It looks like a pink palace fit for a queen. It was too far away for us to snap any good pictures. We actually ran a mile there to get some good pictures. Shout out to my bestie for putting up with my crazy photo requests! You are the real MVP!

It was a bit chilly outside that day, so we were contemplating whether or not we would get in for a swim. I am so glad we decided to get in. You know how when it’s cold outside and you very slowly get into the water one inch at a time? That’s what we did and it was freezing! However, once our whole bodies were in the water, it felt great and we went for a nice long swim!

My swimsuit is from New Look and I love that it’s high-waisted. I think high waisted swimsuits are flattering on any body type. The top is a lattice style with a high neckline. Not only is this swimsuit cute, but it’s very comfortable and it stays in place. It has a sporty feel to it which I love. Both the top and bottom are still available so I will have that linked for you guys below. Thank you for reading! I hope you all have a great weekend!




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