Siesta Beach

A few of our friends from college were staying an hour away from Tampa. I still can’t get over the fact that we were all in Florida at essentially the same place, and at the same time. So of course we had to get together and hang out! With our busy lifestyles we can’t seem to get together back home, but we made it happen in Florida! They are such a great and fun group of guys. It’s always a great time and lots of laughs when we all get together. On our last day in Florida we went and checked out Siesta Beach, and it was beautiful !

The sand at the beach is one of the most memorable parts about it. It’s so soft and powdery! That sand felt so good on that hot day and kept our feet cool. My only complaint about the beach was that there was absolutely no parking. This was the busiest of the three beaches we went to. We actually ended up parking ten minutes away and taking an uber to the beach! The beach was packed, but it was so beautiful that I honestly didn’t even care. If you met our friends, you would know that they don’t go to the beach without a volleyball in hand. Does anyone else stink at volleyball as much as I do !? It’s fun to play, but my arms always hurt afterwards. We stayed just until the sun was starting to set, and I have to tell you it was very hard leaving knowing it was our last day in Florida. My dream is to one day have a home close to the beach.

After the beach, we headed to a barbecue style restaurant. I had the most delicious kale salad there, and I have been kind of hooked on them ever since. When I came home from my trip, I bought all the ingredients and recreated the salad. What a crazy, but cool coincidence that we ran into our friends. It just made our trip that much better.  Do you guys ever have those moments where you are like what are the odds of this happening!?  Thank you for reading and have a great weekend !




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