One of my favorite places we went out to eat in Tampa would have to be Ulele. What I love about this place is that it has a rich history behind it. They serve native inspired food and drinks. Ulele was a Native American princess who lived in the 1500s. At this time the Spanish were exploring the area of Florida. The tribe captured three of the Spanish men. Among the three men that were captured was Juan Ortiz. Juan was set to be killed.  Feeling sorry for the man, Ulele threw herself onto the man in order to save his life. Ulele’s father agreed to spare the man’s life. For this reason she is referred to as Florida’s version of Pocahontas. This story was told to us by our waiter who was awesome by the way! All the staff there were fantastic.

When we arrived, we found that there was complimentary parking, which was a real treat for us, as parking can be a challenge in Florida. I do recommend making a reservation as this is a very popular restaurant. While we waited for our table, we checked out the outside of the restaurant which was stunning. There were two beautiful bronze statues of Ulele. There were a variety of fairytale sculptures scattered throughout the courtyard of the restaurant as well. They included; Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, The There Little Pigs, Humpty Dumpty, & the mouse from Hickory Dickory Dock. All of these sculptures were restored as they were in pretty bad shape. The sculptures are beautiful and add such a great touch to the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant had countless pieces of artwork as well. The restaurant overall is very visually pleasing.

What I loved about their menu is that all of their gluten free items were marked clearly, so it was easy for me to order. We started our meal out with the okra appetizer. If you have never had okra before I highly recommend it ! I had the fire roasted chicken for my entrée, and Carla had the steak and potatoes. For dessert we had the flourless chocolate torte, which was very rich so perfect for sharing. Carla also ordered the Ring of Fire which is one of their popular drinks. We had a great dining experience, and I would highly recommend the place if you are visiting the Tampa area. I hope you all have a great memorial day weekend. Thank you for reading.




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