Damen Avenue

It’s no secret that I love a good art mural, and Chicago has no shortage of them. I saw this wall with multi colored hearts that I fell in love with. To my disappointment, that wall no longer exists on Damen Avenue. I’m not going to lie, I was very disappointed. We just drove an hour and a half to take pictures of a mural that no longer existed. That’s the thing about murals, they are not always permanent. Thankfully, we found three other great murals all on Damen Avenue.

Parking was a big pain in the butt as always. It took us a good half an hour to find a spot to park, and of course we had to pay for parking. Does anyone have any tips and tricks on parking in Chicago? Once we discovered that the mural I wanted was no longer there, we walked along Damen Avenue, and found a beautiful jungle mural on the side of a restaurant called Urban Belly. It was a bit tricky getting pictures at this location as people were eating outside right in front of the mural.

The plan was to change outfits with each mural, but with the parking situation and no privacy to change, I scratched that plan and decided to keep the same outfit for all three murals. The next mural we stumbled upon was one of two coyotes facing away from each other. This was my favorite mural by far. I loved all the bright colors and patterns on it. This one was created by the artist Tony Passero, and it sits at the 606 trail entrance.

The last art mural we stopped at was a series of three love murals. I love the classic black and white ones, but the brightly colored one was great too. These were created by a local artist named Matthew Hoffman. He is also behind the you are beautiful artwork. I love that his work is so uplifting and positive. We could definitely use more kind words in today’s world.

The outfit I have had for a few years now, and I have never had the guts to wear it. It’s definitely a showstopper. It may look like a dress, but it’s actually a romper. What I love about rompers is that they are so easy to wear . You just throw it on, and you are ready to go! This one was a bit tricky as it is low-cut. I paired it with a black lace bralette, which I thought went nicely with the long lace sleeves.  The best part of this romper is that it has pockets!

I am writing this blog post feeling pretty crappy. I have had a horrible migraine all day and the worst fatigue of my life. Just sitting here writing this is taking a lot out of me. I have literally been resting all day and have gotten nothing done. Sometimes we need those days to let our bodies recover. I hope you are all feeling well. Thank you guys for reading, and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!




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