Little Havana

If you are looking for a little taste of Cuban Culture in Miami, look no further than Little Havana. The neighborhood is filled with Cuban inspired music, food, art, etc. One of the first things I noticed about this neighborhood was that it was lined with statues of roosters. From the information I gathered, roosters are a special animal in Cuban folklore. The rooster represents strength and power. There were multiple cigar shops where you could watch cigars being hand rolled. I had my taste of a cigar in Tampa, and I must say it was a one and done kind of experience for me. However, I do believe that everyone should try a cigar at least once in their lifetime. One of my favorite things inside the neighborhood was domino park. Here you will find the older Cuban residents playing dominos and checkers. I know it doesn’t sound very thrilling, but there was something so special about it to me. All the players were so engaged in the game. There was a walkway of the stars, which featured stars dedicated to famous Cuban individuals. We also made a stop in front of Azucar, which is a beautiful ice cream shop and made for some great pictures. There was also no shortage of art murals in this neighborhoods. I loved seeing local artist’s work displayed on the walls of the neighborhood. Everyone in the neighborhood was so inviting. The music and dancing spilled into the streets. I highly recommend a stop here if you are visiting Miami.

The dress featured is from Nordstrom and it’s still available for purchase. However, sizing is very limited. The bright yellow color of the dress went so well with the roosters and walls in Little Havana.  The dress is what you would call a fit and flare. It features triangular cutouts on each side. The back of the dress is my favorite as it features a beautiful open crisscross pattern. The red flowers really pop against the bright yellow. All the small details on the dress make it come together so well. For size reference I purchased a small and I will have the direct link to the dress below. I hope you are all having a great week and thank you for reading.




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