Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

The Vizcaya Museum and Garden is a true gem. It is one of my favorite things I did during my trip to Miami. It is the former villa and estate of millionaire James Peering. The landscape and architecture were influenced by Italy. The museum contains thirty-four rooms, each filled with unique antiques and treasures from around the world. The antiques reminded me of something you would see in an old English castle. The location is extremely popular for weddings an other special events such as quinceaneras.

When we first arrived we noticed several cats roaming the grounds. We stopped and spoke with one of the employees who told us that the cats lived on the premise. I have to say those are some very lucky cats as they have a lot of beautiful land to explore, and it looked like they were very well cared for. Every single corner of this beautiful place was another opportunity for a photo. It is absolutely breath-taking and something that must be seen in person in order to truly enjoy the history and beauty of this place. I don’t feel that the pictures do it justice. All the beautiful sculptures and fountains made me feel as if I had been transported back to Europe. I highly recommend a stop here on your next trip to Miami. I hope you are all having a great Sunday evening. Thanks for reading!




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