WNDR Museum

Wndr museum is an interactive, pop-up museum that combines art and science into one.  The cost is $32 per person which is a bit pricey, but i felt that it was well worth it as we all really enjoyed the experience. Parking is not available on site, so I highly recommend downloading the SpotHero app. One of my girlfriend told me about this app, and it saved us money on parking, and it was incredibly easy to use. There were lockers and restrooms available on site which were both a big plus. When you are purchasing tickets for the museum, you have to purchase them for a specific time slot. They take a new group in every thirty minutes. This ensures that not too many people are in one area at once. We ended up being late to our time slot due to traffic, and I was so worried that we wouldn’t be allowed to enter the museum. The staff members were very nice, and told us not to worry about it. As you work your way through the museum, you cannot go back to a room you have already been to, so ensure that you take your time and do not rush. The total experience took us about two hours to complete, and there are many opportunities for great photos so make sure you have your camera ready. The only thing we really had to wait in line for was the infinity mirror room exhibit by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. You have to place covers over your shoes in order to enter the room, there is a security guard present, and you only get 60 seconds in the room so make sure your camera is ready. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience and would highly recommend it to you all. I hope you are all having an amazing week so far. I am loving this warmer weather and am hoping it’s here to stay!


” Every thing has its beauty but not everyone sees it” -Andy Warhol


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