WNDR Museum

Wndr museum is an interactive, pop-up museum that combines art and science into one.  The cost is $32 per person which is a bit pricey, but i felt that it was well worth it as we all really enjoyed the experience. Parking is not available on site, so I highly recommend downloading the SpotHero app. One of my girlfriend told me about this app, and it saved us money on parking, and it was incredibly easy to use. There were lockers and restrooms available on site which were both a big plus. When you are purchasing tickets for the museum, you have to purchase them for a specific time slot. They take a new group in every thirty minutes. This ensures that not too many people are in one area at once. We ended up being late to our time slot due to traffic, and I was so worried that we wouldn’t be allowed to enter the museum. The staff members were very nice, and told us not to worry about it. As you work your way through the museum, you cannot go back to a room you have already been to, so ensure that you take your time and do not rush. The total experience took us about two hours to complete, and there are many opportunities for great photos so make sure you have your camera ready. The only thing we really had to wait in line for was the infinity mirror room exhibit by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. You have to place covers over your shoes in order to enter the room, there is a security guard present, and you only get 60 seconds in the room so make sure your camera is ready. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience and would highly recommend it to you all. I hope you are all having an amazing week so far. I am loving this warmer weather and am hoping it’s here to stay!


” Every thing has its beauty but not everyone sees it” -Andy Warhol


My Top Four Cafes in San Diego

It’s no surprise that I love hunting for cute cafes while on vacation.  The first one on my list is Holy Matcha, and it was by far my favorite of the four. Most of the items on the menu are made with matcha, and all of the items are gluten free and vegan! I wanted to order one of everything on the menu. I ended up ordering the pumpkin spice matcha latte, the pink lemonade donut, and the almond butter and strawberry toast. It was all so delicious and healthy too. The decor inside was another bonus! They had a beautiful palm leaf printed wall, and blush pink booth style seating. I really wish we had a cafe like this one in my home town.

The second cafe on the list is Parakeet Cafe. What I love about this cafe was that their menu consisted of many organic options. They also had gluten free and vegan options that were clearly marked. I chose an iced herbal tea and the cacao waffle and both items were delicious. The interior of the cafe is so modern, and I love the parakeet wallpaper, and neon sign that says birds of a feather. I was very impressed by the quality of the food here, and how friendly the staff member were.

The third cafe is called Communal Coffee and it was definitely the most unique as it shares a space with a floral shop named Native Poppy. You can stop in and grab a cup of coffee, and a bouquet of flowers too. They also have an assortment of small gifts too. I opted for the lavender lemonade, and a good old slice of avocado toast. If you come to visit this place you must sit outside and take a picture with the famous Coffee and Flowers wall!

The fourth cafe on the list is S3 Coffee Bar. This little cafe is every instagrammer’s dream. You know a place is good when it’s in the middle of nowhere and it’s packed. They have a cactus printed wall with an old school pink telephone that was perfect for a photo-op. What stood out to me was their unique and tasty drink choices. They had some of their seasonal fall drinks out on the menu, so I opted for the Bee Hive Latte which was essentially a Honey Cinnamon Latte. I had mine with almond milk and it was so delicious. I highly recommend this place if you want a unique, but delicious cup of coffee.

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and thank you for reading! Let me know if you check out any of the cafes and your thoughts on them!



South Pointe Park Pier

South Pointe Park is a beautiful 17-acre park and pier located on the southern-most tip of Miami Beach. There is a designated parking lot for the park, however it is very small and fills up quickly. We ended up finding a paid parking lot several blocks away and walking to the pier. What I was surprised about was that the beach by the pier boasted beautiful clear waters, whereas at Lummus Park the water was filled with seaweed. If you plan a trip to Miami I would definitely stick to this end of the beach. I am not sure how old the pier is, but it must be newer or just very well maintained. I loved the giant thought bubble in neon colors. It just screams take a picture with me. You will also notice a barrier of large rocks that stretch beyond the pier. This is a great place to go for a stroll or even a bike ride. The views are beautiful. This place is definitely a hidden gem that everyone should visit while in Miami. Looking at photos from Miami makes me miss it so much, because we just had our first snowfall of the season in my hometown. It’s pretty funny to see the different way that people react to the first snowfall of the year. You either love it or you hate it, and for me I personally hate it. I like sunshine, warm weather, and the beach. One day I will get there just have to keep working towards it. Thank for reading and I hope you all had a great week.


Rusty Pelican

When I go on vacation I like to set aside a day to eat at a really nice restaurant. To me it’s not necessarily the food that I am going there for, but the experience and the unforgettable view. The restaurant we chose in Miami was the Rusty Pelican, because it was rumored to have one of the best views of Miami’s skyline. I have to say, the restaurant lived up to its expectations. Not only did we have an incredible view, but the food was absolutely delicious as well. My mom and I both went for the salmon, and it was cooked to perfection. It came with a side of creamy mashed potatoes and asparagus. If you are looking for a delicious meal and incredible view, then I highly recommend the Rusty Pelican!

One of my favorite things to wear in the summer time are rompers. They are so comfortable, but they still look so put together. The one I am wearing is from Nordstrom. What I love about this romper is that it has a front tie and peekaboo cutout. It features a beautiful vintage inspired mint color and floral pattern. Thank you all for reading !


Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Going to the beach is one of my favorite parts of any vacation. When I discovered a beach that was about a half hour drive from Miami, and had beautiful clear water and small crowds, I was thrilled. My mom and I drove here almost everyday during our trip to enjoy this beautiful beach, which is tucked away inside a state park called Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. I can see why this is one of the best beaches in America, it’s absolutely stunning and well worth a visit if you are in the Miami area. My favorite part of the park were the raccoons! They are so used to people that if you bring food, they will approach you and you can feed them. I am a huge animal lover so getting to see these cute guys up close was a memory I will never forget.

The swimsuit I am wearing is from the brand Bikini Lab and is currently on sale. I love how the sleeves of the top come off the shoulders and the front criss crosses to tie in the back. It is a very feminine swimsuit with the gorgeous floral print. The cut of the exact bottoms I am wearing are no longer available, but the same print is so I will have that linked below as well as the exact top. The one that is available is reversible, so you can still achieve the same look. I love the contrast of the white top against the black bottoms. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!